Today’s blog is brought to you by Barbara from Ogunquit.

We took our hour plus van ride to our build site, an adventure in itself. Everyday the traffic is horrendous. They are doing lots of work on the road, and we get stopped for up to 1/2 hour every afternoon at which time we are entertained by myriads of street sellers of water, fruit, nuts, and many other products.

Today we got to meet the single mom who will soon  occupy this small house we are building, with her two children. She is delightful, and was so very grateful to all of us for coming all this way to help. She is a transit officer in Guatemala City, and is going to University on  Saturdays to earn her degree in industrial engineering.

This morning we finished the last cement blocks that needed their ends hollowed out to facilitate the horizontal rebar when the masons are ready for it.


Gretchen and Doris cutting wire 3-14-17Wire ties were cut to tie the rebar c clamps on.

The afternoon consisted of the hardest work, especially for the guys. First the materials for the cement were shoveled into wheelbarrows; gravel and sifted sand, and brought to the mixing area.They were thoroughly mixed and then scooped into 5 gallon buckets. A fireman’s bucket brigade of the VERY heavy cement buckets passed from our men to the masons until the perimeter was filled.

Memorable moments during the day were:

Jeannine and Grandma making tortillas 3-14-17Being invited into Mama Irma’s kitchen to make tortillas,

Jeannine's shoe 3-14-17

Jeannine’s shoe falling apart and needing to be duct taped together,

and Tony and Doris adopting new grandchildren.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures with machetes!