So, we made it to Guatemala safely after a long morning of travel! Some of us with only a few hours of sleep last night and some not going to bed at all! We had a short flight from Boston to Dulles, and a longer 4.5 hour flight from Dulles into Guatemala City. We found Carolyn in Dulles as planned and met Murray in Guatemala, along with our in-country guide, Fredy.

We managed to get through the day with only minor bumps in the road. One of us, we won’t mention any names, (cough cough Tony) only THOUGHT that their carry-on bag went missing. Turns out it was checked in Boston and made the trip with us after all 😜

Bill (our “dad”) has been counting to 13 all day, making sure we’re all accounted for. After landing in Guatemala at 11:30 local time (that’s 2 hours behind everyone back home in New England) we were driven to our hotel.

Let’s just say, it’s impressive. Here is the view from many of our 12th floor rooms.


Then came a late lunch. We went to a beautiful and authentic restaurant a bus ride from our hotel where we were served our fill of traditional Guatemalan food including Kak-ik, Pepian, homemade tortillas, guacamole and a variety of fresh squeezed juices. It was all delicious! Here we are outside the restaurant, plus our new friend Fredy and minus Lee who is across the street taking the picture


Next we were taken on a tour of the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura.


Our tour guide equated it to the White House, since it was originally built by and for a Guatemalan president, but now it houses only offices. It was a great quick but interesting introduction to the history of Guatemala.

Finally, we had some time to rest before dinner, another delicious meal out right down the road from our hotel. We all chose something different to try from the menu and again ate to our hearts’ content. Tomorrow it’s out of the city and off to our build site of San Marcos!

We’re expecting the change in our surroundings will be drastic, but we’re excited all the same and ready to meet and begin working with the families!